Frequently Asked Questions

Can others print or view my photos?
No. From InstaShirt only you can view or print your photos.


Do you keep some information about me?
The only thing saved temporarily in InstaShirt is the composition of the images you selected for your shirt. Once the order is finished or when you sign out, this composition is also cleared.


Do you send shirts all around the world? When will I receive my shirt?
You have to ask it to Zazzle. We only make the composition of your Instagram photos and send it to Zazzle, shipping and payment conditions are from Zazzle. You can test to get a shirt and fill in your details on Zazzle to know to what countries they send the shirts and how much is the shipping cost.


And, what is Instagram?
Instagram is the best network for sharing and discussing photos with your followers, from your iPhone or iPod Touch.Further information on their web.


Can I follow you on Instagram and Twitter?
Of course. In Instagram look for @eliesxs and in Twitter @instashirt.


I can not find the answer to my question... what can I do?
Send us an email to or a message to Twitter @instashirt.